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College Admissions & Scholarship Essays

Services range from feedback on language and polishing grammar to collaboratively writing an original essay in full. Working closely, we will develop a thoughtful and impactful essay that tells your unique story. I can also help guide you through the tangles of the college application and transfer processes more broadly.


English & History Tutoring

Using my background in the humanities, I work with students to hone organizational and analytical skills. From homework to exam preparation, I will help you build confidence and gain proficiency.


Academic Essay Editing & Proofreading

I work closely with students to develop well-crafted and successful essays on a wide variety of subjects. I provide feedback on structure and grammar while helping students to sharpen their writing skills.


General Editorial & Proofreading Services

Whether you are writing a short story, dissertation, or manuscript, I use my background in editing and English literature to provide creative editorial guidance and proofreading services (per the Chicago Manual of Style).


I am an editor and tutor with five years of experience helping students to realize their potential by guiding them through coursework, writing assignments, and college applications. I have worked closely tutoring students and editing their work on an assignment by assignment basis, or consistently over the course of semesters. Further, I have helped high school graduates and transfer students through application and acceptance to such schools as NYU, Bard College, and the New School. As a transfer student from Laguardia Community College, I worked my way to a BFA at NYU, where I earned a Magna Cum Laude degree with Honors in English Literature. Upon graduation, I went on to pursue an MFA in English at Middlebury College, where I was a recipient of the Whittington Family Grant. Having grown up in New York City, I now live in Astoria with my family. I am currently accepting students both remotely and in-person.


As a mature lady, I was lacking in belief and confidence to share stories that were within me for the longest time. I searched for somebody to understand my style of writing and my struggles with dyslexia. Phillip at first listened to me carefully, then started to gently advise, push and encourage me to dig deeper to express myself within my stories, and to date, I have finished (3) 20,000-word essays that I am very proud of.

Catherine, Short Story Author


Individualized & Convenient

Services tailored to your schedule and individual needs.

Friendly Support & Guidance

Eager to meet you where you are and work at your pace.

Get Real Results

Passionate about helping you achieve your potential.

Sliding Scale Pricing

Affordable and flexible rates.

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